10 great reasons why you should upgrade to an off grid shed

Why should you upgrade your garden with an off grid shed? We discuss 10 ways a solar powered off grid shed could improve your life.

There’s a famous saying in the UK, “An Englishman’s Home Is His Castle”, but the same can also be said for his shed. Of course, sheds transcend gender boundaries and these days, we know better than to listen to outdated maxims. In 2022, we can retool this phrase to “an English person’s shed is their castle”, and with trouble brewing for the nation’s energy prices for the foreseeable future, there has never been a better time to upgrade your ‘castle’ to solar power.

1. Cost Saving

The first and perhaps most obvious reason to take your shed off grid with solar power is cost saving. Whichever way you look at it, there will most likely be cost savings in the long run if you use your off grid shed to its maximum potential.

This is especially true if your alternative is to hook your shed up to the mains grid, but it can also be considered that you may be using your new solar power to recharge devices and tools, things that would otherwise require the grid to charge.

For larger solar systems, your off grid shed could even be used to power bigger things too such as a laptop or a printer.

Free energy in 2022? Yes, please!

2. Keep yourself warm

Sheds are notoriously cold places. Even during the days when energy was cheap and plentiful, no one was wasteful enough to keep their garden forks and lawnmower toasty in their sheds on purpose.

Whilst commercially available sheds have gone on to become very well engineered over the years, they still usually lack the modern levels of insulation that we see in homes and most buildings.

We all know it could be a health and safety nightmare with a roaring open fire or even a chiminea in most sheds, so that rules those out as a source of heat.

Why should you be cold? Well, you don’t need to be in an off grid shed!

Put those thermals away. Using solar power, you can install low powered heating solutions in your off grid shed that will keep you nice and warm.

3. Light up the way

Unlike your house or even your garage, your shed is probably a pretty dark place.

Some savvy shed owners have already sorted this with battery powered or even small solar powered lights, which do in many cases supply enough light to get by, finding the odd garden tool or drill bit.

But what if you want to hang out in your shed?

What if your shed is being used to run your business or as your office?

Well, obviously more light is needed.

A solar powered off grid shed offers the capability to install a wide variety of practical and even decorative lighting solutions, showing off your off grid shed in the coolest – and brightest – way possible.

4. Have front row seats in your own theatre

The space in your shed may very well be your sanctuary. It may be the main attraction for visitors to your home too.

These days, with low power projection solutions, it’s very possible to convert your solar powered shed into your very own cinema, showing family and friends screenings of your favourite movies.

With some low-powered mood lighting, some comfortable seating and of course, the right sized space, your off grid shed could be the go-to destination for family movie time.

Better get the popcorn ready!

5. Get fit in a green way

Going for a run outside is overrated.

What are you supposed to do when it’s raining? Get wet?

Or what about when the wind from the latest storm to pelt the UK is blowing wheelie bins in your path?

Well, the answer is probably not to go, or, if you have a costly gym membership, you’re confined to those 4 walls with a bunch of meaty men and ultra-fit gym regulars.

Converting your shed into an off grid shed with a home gym offers a way around that, allowing you to work out in privacy and in style.

What’s more, is that the gym equipment that may require a connection to an external power supply could be powered with the right solar system.

Even at the gym, this equipment would be hooked up to the mains grid, meaning that an intense workout on the cross trainer may be helping you, but doing the environment slight harm, not forgetting the excess of carbon dioxide you’re pumping out!

6. Retreat to your cave after a hard day

‘Man cave’ is another one of those outdated phrases that, for some reason, seems to reserve the right to retreat to your own personalised space just for men. Here at Envirobuy, we believe that ‘caves’ should be for everyone, as a space for one to unwind after a long day at work, surrounded by your favourite things.

Your cave can have whatever you want in it. Cool posters, nifty gadgets or even a pool table. Your dream cave is only limited by your imagination and the space you have.

But one thing takes it to the next level of comfort – power.

Having power in your cave will greatly enhance what you can do with it, allowing you to add heating or better lighting. Larger solar power systems could even accommodate a TV or other entertainment systems.

Sounds good, right? Now it’s time to turn your garden shed into the ultimate cave and make it the best in town.

7. Chill in your summer house all night

Much like your cave, your summer house shed will greatly benefit from an upgrade to a solar powered off grid shed.

A lot of people like to use their sheds as a place to sip chilled lemonade or white wine on a glorious sunny day, seeking shade from the blazing sun and enjoying the comforts of a cushioned chair or sofa.

The only thing that would make it complete is the dulcet tones of Billy Joel and some lighting when the sun starts to go down and you don’t want the day to end.

Upgrade those warm summer nights with solar power working throughout the day so you and the family can chill in your summer house all night.

off grid shed

8. Keep an eye on things

Many people’s sheds are the home of some of their most prized possessions. Those expensive golf clubs, the top of the range lawnmower or the 50-year-old family heirloom shovel, the shed is often the place we store things we want to keep but don’t want to look at every day.

If you have taken on any of the ideas already discussed in this post, you may also have some pretty expensive devices and equipment in your shed that doubles up as your office, your cave, or your home theatre.

Despite this, shed security can be lacking and many can be broken into without the owner even knowing until it’s too late.

But don’t worry, security can be improved with an off grid shed.

A solar off grid shed could easily support a low powered security system, including, for example, an IP CCTV camera or an alarm system, making sure your things are protected when they’re most vulnerable.

9. Drink and be merry

Having a pub at the end of the garden is the ultimate dream for many.

Your shed could be the home for your innovative drinks storage solutions that are too big to keep in the house, or you could even have gone all out and installed an actual bar, with beer taps that dispense your beverages.

But what pub is complete without music, lighting and warmth?

Pubs have to be comfortable places, and we see no better opportunity to realise this dream than to convert your solar powered off grid shed into one.

10. Set a good example

Ultimately, one of the biggest aspects of having an off grid solar power system on your property is that it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when using it. Sure, you might still be connected to the grid in your home, but every bit of solar energy that you use is clean and green with no monthly energy bills.

Whatever your reason for wanting a solar powered off grid shed, you are amongst a group of pioneers in history, helping to bring solar power closer to the norm for everyone and setting a good example to those who may be considering it.

setting a good example by caring about the environment

If you already have a solar power system, congratulations! You’re doing your bit for the future of solar power technology and the environment as a whole. If you’re still not convinced, consider learning about the amazing future of solar power.

If you haven’t, why not? We’d love you to comment below on the reasons why you haven’t made the leap into solar yet!

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