LEOCH AGM Deep Cycle Leisure Battery – LDC12-105-G27-DT


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  • True deep cycle leisure battery with AGM technology
  • Maintenance free, non-spillable, valve-regulated
  • Low self-discharge for longer shelf life


12V 105AH AGM Lead Carbon Deep Cycle Leisure Battery

  • Terminal Type (Standard) -MT
  • Case Material -ABS
  • Over 99.99% virgin lead for grid plate and active material
  • Heavy duty grid/paste design for deep cycle application

High Capacity & Maximum Life

This 12v deep cycle battery’s paste is customised for deep cycle performance, with a unique production process used to maximise cycle life.

The paste’s formula is designed to provide a longer service life.


Superior and Versatile Performance

A mixture of carbon and proprietary additives in negative active material allows performance in partial state of charge (PSoC) applications.

This increases charge acceptance for optimised charging and fast charging capabilities.


Unique AGM Separator

This battery uses Leoch’s own AGM separator.

It offers lower internal resistance and keeps plates wet.

It also helps to maintain cell compression and importantly prevents acid stratification, which is one of the leading causes of failure in competing AGM batteries.

Double wrapping prevents short circuiting and acid stratification.

Download LEOCH AGM Deep Cycle Leisure Battery – LDC12-105-G27-DT Spec Sheet

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Additional information

Weight 27.6 kg
Dimensions 30.6 × 16.8 × 20.8 cm


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