Embrace the true freedom of the open waves (and the not so open waves!) by upgrading your boat with solar power.

A wide range of boats can benefit from solar power, including yachts, sail boats, canal boats or narrowboats.

Doing so comes with some big advantages, such as significant savings on fuel and a dramatic reduction in sound level, as traditional generators emit comparatively loud noises when powering up, which is far more disruptive to wildlife.

Another benefit that can be gained from solar panels on your boat is that you can charge your boat’s battery whilst you are not on-board or your attention is turned to other pursuits such as fishing, scuba diving or just relaxing. works with you to realise this your boat’s potential by allowing you to adventure the world in a more conscientious way.

solar panels for boats

Solar panels open the door to more stress-free adventure, meaning you can tie up to the river bank or dock without having to worry about the engine restarting or the fridge being kept cold, safe in the knowledge that your solar panels are recharging your electrical systems so you can enjoy the benefits of cold drinks, entertainment and other comforts when you get back.

It is also a great way to help ‘do your bit’ for the environment, limiting your carbon footprint, improving your battery’s condition and helping you save money in the long run.

You may also want to keep the battery connected and charged when your boat is not in use as it may supply power to an alarm, tracker or other security device.

However, before you decide to commit to converting your boat to solar power, you must consider a range of questions first, including:

  • Energy requirements – how much energy do I need? How long for?
  • Solar panel type, size and cost – which solar panel do I need?
  • Solar panel quality – how good are the solar panels I am looking at?
  • Installation – how difficult will it be to fit and will I be able to use it? encourages customers have these questions satisfied before purchasing to ensure your full satisfaction.

There are many guides, forums and tutorials online that can help you on your journey to solar.

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